Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Corpse Flies

Flesh flies, otherwise known as sarcophagus flies feed on dead or decaying tissue. They're in incredible asset to forensic entomologists because certain species of Sarcophagidae will lay eggs OR live larvae on the body at a certain stage of decay. In other words, some flies like it warm. Others like it cold, and yet others like it nice and mushy. But based on the life cycle of the fly maggot/pupae, forensic entomologists can determine when the individual died.

See a lot of flies like these buzzing around? Chances are that you're at a farm (they eat manure too), something died (like that mouse in the wall of your basement), or your neighbor is hiding something.


CharlesWS said...

I guess these guys put the degrade in biodegradable, dear friend? ;) At least where dead people and critters are concerned. Interesting!

Picks By Pat said...

This could be very handy to know when I'm working on my next mystery novel. But the victim in my current "work-in-progress" dies in the water.

What can you tell me about the scavenging behavior of the Chesapeake blue crab on decaying corpses?

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